Conference on digitisation of cultural heritage

The goal of the conference is to present information about digital access to cultural heritage in Europe seen both from the point of view of European Commission including selected supported initiatives and from that of major European digitization activities, programmes or projects, administered by national libraries.

Cultural institutions possess immense richness of information especially in their traditional holdings, while access to this information is mostly limited to physical access of originals. Especially in case of rare and unique documents – both handwritten and printed – the chances to reach them are very low. However, digitization can bridge this – mostly geographical – gap and enable us to enhance the accessibility worldwide. It gives us unique opportunity to improve access to information in a very substantial manner.

We should accept this challenge, but this also means to face many problems, be they technological, cultural, psychological, behavioural, or especially financial. The exchange of good practices and ideas helps enormously to cope better with several of such problems and to improve the efficiency of our work.

The conference is a platform on which all this can happen in spite of the fact that our steps may be small, but anyway we should be sure they go in the right direction.

The conference is organized by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and facilitated by Albertina icome Praha s.r.o.