Jill Cousins

Jill Cousins

The European Library TEL and Europeana

Mrs Cousins is Executive Director for the European Digital Library Foundation and Director of The European Library.  She has many years experience in web publishing and preparing content for the web. Her past experience includes the commercial publishing world as European Business Development Director of VNU New Media and scholarly publishing with Blackwell Publishing running their online journals service.  Prior to publishing she had a variety of marketing and research careers in the information field. The EDL Foundation sees Digitisation to be one of the pillars in the creation of Europeana.eu, alongside Access and Preservation.  Encouraging aggregation, standards and active digitization programmes across Europe has become very much part of the job.


Presentation: Europeana Stage Two


Abstract: Europeana.eu, the prototype was launched to great fanfare by the European Commissioner last November. The interest was so large that the site collapsed under the traffic it generated. December 2008 saw a re-launch of the prototype and continued interest in the site. Due to the need to keep the prototype running as a live site some further adjustments were made in March and new content has been ingested.  This talk will concentrate on the next phase for Europeana and what needs to happen to turn it into an operational service. Two new projects Europeana v1.0 and EuropeanaConnect, launched in February and May 2009 address many of the legal, financial and technical issues that will lead to the full service being available in 2010. How these and other projects lead to the future Europeana and what else is needed will be discussed. A demo of the site will be given.